Come Sew

A Drop-In Sewing Studio

providing sewing machines, scissors, rotory-scissors, cutting tables, notions, pins, sewing kits and instruction

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810 Water Street #2, Port Townsend
(right above GETABLES)

Phone: 360 344-2079

Wednesday thru Saturday
1PM - 5PM
or by appointment

ComeSew - Reopening Hours

What is Come Sew

Come Sew is a private studio open to the public free of charge, typically Wednesday through Saturday 1:00pm to 5:00pm or by appointment. Occasionally Come Sew is closed during these times to accommodate my absence for travel, personal time and to attend meetings and sewing classes. Visitors will need to check the website calendar, which is also posted in the window at streel level, or call to see if the studio is actually open on any particular day.

I don't offer classes, per se, but am happy to "coach" sewists, giving advice on their sewing projects. Beginning lessons or intermediate coaching is available during regular business hours or at mutually agreeable times. Sewing groups can use the studio free of cost for meetings or sew-a-longs at a mutually agreeable time. Anyone who would like to teach a class can use the studio for that purpose without cost, but will need to do their own planning and publicity.

Finally, I am glad to host the newly organized American Sewing Guild Neighborhood Group in Port Townsend the 4th Wednesday of the month. For more information contact Come Sew or email the ASG Silverdale Chapter at

Anita Edwards

COVID-19 Precautions:

Only fully immunized people should enter the studio. When indoor masking is mandated by local health officials, visitors to the studio must wear a mask. If masks are not mandated, visitors are free to choose whether to wear masks or not. If anyone wearing a mask and using the studio asks other visitors to wear a mask as well, masking is mandatory until the person asking other visitors to wear a mask is no longer present.